A Guide to a Bountiful Table for Thai Food Lovers

thai-away-home-2Beyond the traditional rice and curry, boiled rice soups or a well prepared bowl of noodles, there is an entire galaxy of exotic dishes in the Thai kitchen. Thai food is just as popular among the tourists as among the locals. If you are new to Thailand or are planning to move to the country, and are little confused on where to silence your stomach growls, below is a perfect guide to some of the best places to eat in Thailand:

  • Nahm: Tagged as one of the best Thai restaurants in Bangkok, Nahm is home to some of the oldest Thai dishes. Enjoy a feast of smoked fish curry with prawns, chicken livers, cockles and black pepper or buy a lunch of thin rice noodles with curries.
  • D’sens: If you want to get stunning views of Lumphini park while dining, go to D’sens. Driving its inspiration from the classic French repository, the chefs at D’sens are known for giving a modern touch to the haute cuisine by experimenting with bold flavors in the older versions.
  • Somboon Seafood: Well, nothing can compare to the curry powder crab and the soy steamed sea bass served at Somboon Seafood. Gulp it with a platter of fried rice to get an amazing Thai culinary experience.
  • Soi Polo Fried Chicken: You cannot resist this golden and crispy platter of chicken with tang of garlic here and there. A half serving is enough for two, so you can get an idea of the enormous quantity. Complement it with sticky rice and sauces.
  • Hemlock: Some of the dishes in the menu might be hard to read but they definitely are worth the prices. Whether it is the mee ang kam or yam kamoy, popularly known as the thieves’ salad, all the dishes here are a revival of old dishes from all around the world.

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