Places Worth Seeing in Bangkok

Moving to a new country might not be all that exciting and fascinating always. You might end up disliking the new cuisine, lifestyle or language. But if it is Bangkok you are relocating to, things can be different and thrilling. Treat yourself with an evening cruise at the Chao Phraya river, go shopping at the floating markets of Damnoen Saduak or get a revitalizing massage at Ruen Nuad, Bangkok has something to offer to everyone. Continue reading

If you are wondering what to do and where to start for your Bangkok sightseeing tour, given below is a list of must-visit for anyone who is a foreigner to Bangkok. Just pick up your pen and start ticking the checklist:

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market: One of the largest markets in the world, the place is an amalgam of different products ranging from antique sneakers to baby squirrels. Popularly dubbed as JJ, the market is a shopper’s paradise.
  • Wat Phra Kaew: The temple is known for the magnificent architecture and the glory associated to it. Home to the country’s most pious image, the Emerald Buddha, the temple is the spiritual nucleus of Thai Buddhism.
  • Grand Palace: Previously the royal residence, the Grand Palace is used today for performing traditional rituals on special ceremonies. Visitors are however permitted to explore the palace and the adjoining four buildings.
  • National Museum: The National Museum of Thailand is the largest museum in South-east Asia. It provides an informative insight into the historical surveys and religious sculptures of Thailand.
  • Baan Krua: One of the most ancient communities of Bangkok, the village’s existence dates back to the 18th century. It is believed that this piece of land was awarded as a trophy to the locals of Vietnam and Cambodia who allied with the Thai king.

If you are relocating to Bangkok, you are moving to one of the liveliest cities of Thailand, which buzzes all day round. By hinging on the expert services provided by the international movers in Singapore you can reduce the stress of packing and moving. There are a number of companies which provide secured moving experiences from Singapore to Bangkok at affordable prices.

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Beyond The Soaring Skyscrapers In Singapore

singapore-oneImagine the picture of millions of skyscrapers dotting the horizon and shoppers bargaining at one of the stalls in the Orchard Road. Zoom in from a sylvan perspective, and explore a whole new Singapore. Dive with sharks, go mountain biking, water skiing and work up sweat with rock climbing. Swap a sally in a multiplex, or a stroll on an offshore island or a walk in the park. Continue reading

Singapore has its fingers on the pulse of the green belts. The country’s soul is alive and is throbbing fast. Experience a startling side to one of the most glitzy cities of Asia. If you are new to the place or are planning to relocate there soon, don’t miss out the following venues while jaunting through the shopping malls or enjoying a cocktail at the clubs.

  • Pulau Ubin: This languid island treats you to mangrove swamps, grimy tracks, mountain bike trails, wooden houses, and takes you to the Singapore of the 60’s epoch. Hire a bike and watch where the road takes you.
  • Fort Canning Park: Located at the back of the National Museum of Singapore is the Fort Canning Park. Perched on the top of a hill, the place is perfect for strolling through the spice gardens, watching colonial era buildings or just relaxing besides the Singapore river.
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: This is the highest summit in Singapore. Here you can watch the tigers roving around the rainforests and monkeys clattering noisily through the boughs.
  • Pasir Ris Park: Take your kids to a pony ride or birdwatching at the Pasir Ris Park. Relax at the beach side bars to wash down chilled sun-downers.
  • Kuru island: The best time to visit this tiny island is around September-October, the rest of the times it remains deserted. Enjoy at the blue Lagoons or pay a visit to the Chinese temple or the Malay shrine at the top of the hill.
  • Southern Ridges: The Southern Ridges cover Mt Faber, Telok Blangah, Kent Ridge and Hort parks. It is one of the best walking tracts in the country and takes visitors across the Henderson Waves, the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

Once you move in to the island country you will discover that it is far more than what you bargained for. To make your moving experience convenient and easy, there are a number of moving companies in Singapore which provide professional assistance in safely packing and moving your stuff. So what are you waiting for, avail the services of one of these relocation companies in Singapore, dust off your credit card and plunge right in.

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Where to Eat in Singapore- A Perfect Guide for Gastronomes

astroA former British colony in south east Asia was immigrated by Chinese and Malay people. They brought with them their rich culture, culinary practices and heterogeneous languages. Today, Singapore has rolled out to be the perfect break from the urban confines and madding crowd. Continue reading

So, you are all set to relocate to Singapore. Before you move in to this island country, check out where you should eat during your stay to avoid being the baffled foreigner meandering among numerous stalls. Whether it is the mouth watering slices of shashimi or the unfailingly delicious squid guts, Singapore has an array of luscious dishes that melt in the mouth. Read the list below to decide where to go and what to eat in Singapore:

  • Au Jardin Les Amis: There can’t be a more charming restaurant in Singapore than this colonial style French restaurant. Situated near the lush Botanic gardens, the place offers an amazing culinary experience. Follow-up the stroll at the themed garden with a romantic dinner here.
  • Bismillah Biryani: All the gastronomes will agree that there is no place in the world that can offer a more tantalizing and luscious serving of mutton biryani than the Bismillah Biryani. Most of the dainties get out of stock before 8 pm, so make sure that you land up at the restaurant pretty early.
  • Gluttons Bay: They call themselves the Street Food Masters, and so they are. Treat your taste buds with oyster omelet, take a bite of Satay or munch on the Barbecue Stingray. What about a bonne bouche of kaya fondue?
  • Cliff: As the name suggests, the restaurant rests high above Palawan beach, besides the pool area of Sentosa Resort. Serving delectable sea food, the highlight of the place is the four course set meal at just $128.
  • Blue Ginger: Looking for Peranakan food? Drop in at the Blue Ginger. The food is a rich blend of Chinese and Malay cuisine. The grilled chicken, Ayum Panggang is a unique specialty of the place.

If you are a serious foodie, Singapore is the place for you. Start off by ticking the checklist as soon as you land in the country. Moving has become easier with the assistance of a number of moving and storage services. Singapore is not far away with the professional guidance of these companies. Read more here for moving, packing and storage services in Singapore.


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6 Things to Do in Singapore: Catching Singapore at its Best

singaoptimizeMunch a chicken casserole at one of those hawker centres. Challenge the natives in a football match at the East Coast Park. Hear monkeys clattering at the natural reserve of Bukit Timah. Try out a tiger beer. Picturesque islands, erotic jungles, succulent cuisines, beautiful beaches and a heterogeneous culture, Singapore can just be the perfect choice if you are planning to relocate to a different country.

Continue reading

Tourists regard Singapore as an utopia and the place offers a plethora of reasons to say why. Relocating to Singapore can be fun because the country has something to offer to everyone. It’s not just about eating and shopping, there is a lot more to Singapore. Read further to find out a few things that you can do during your stay in the island country:

  • Smith Street Hawker Stalls: Dotted all along the street, below huge umbrellas are numerous vendors and hawkers selling delectable delicacies. Fall in love over and over with Satay or treat your taste buds with Nasi Lemak. Gourmets are going to love the fried Hokkien prawn noodle, one of the most popular and scrumptious hawker dishes of Singapore.
  • Baba House: Book in advance for a visit to the Baba House. The tour will not take more than one-hour but will provide you a detailed insight into the life of a local family.
  • Sentosa Island: Don’t miss out Sentosa island, Singapore’s unrivalled holiday resort. Just 500 meters from south coast Singapore is the unparalleled Sentosa island, the perfect spot for leisure and recreation.
  • River Cruises: Enjoy the boat ride from Merlion to Robertson Quay. Don’t worry there is a lot more that comes in your way between the two stops.
  • Botanic Garden: Get in tune with nature at the Singapore Botanic Garden. The swan lake, symphony orchestra and mesmerizing gardens will take you to the Victorian era.
  • East Cost Park: Swim or just sit and relax at the East Cost Park. You can find a lot of places to eat near this15kms long beach. Grab some chilly crab with tiger beer when strolling in the East Cost Park.

Moving to a different country can be fascinating but vexing at the same time. You can avail the services of a reputed moving company to make your relocating experience convenient and stress free. These days a number of movers companies are offering best Singapore moving services  at affordable rates. Moving to Singapore is no longer daunting and troublesome with the best Singapore moving services provided by these companies.

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International Movers Reviews

International movers reviews

As customers, your feedback is extremely valuable to international movers, and to the moving companies that work hard to international moving service on your moves.

By posting a review you understand and agree that:

You must have been a customer of the international company you are reviewing.

You should submit only one review per move / transportation per company. Continue reading

Do not post “play-by-play” reviews.

International moving companies may NOT submit reviews under any circumstances.

You, as the poster of the review, are responsible for the review content.

Why should you write moving company reviews? Why should you take your time to write an in-depth review about the moving company you used?

If you’ve suffered from terrible international movers, so it’s your responsibility to let the world know about that international mover. Same goes for if you have a wonderful experience with a great international moving company, then you need to write your reviews about that international mover who provided you best and trust worthy with quality moving services

When you write about international movers review, you give people valuable information about moving company that they might consider using. When you do write about the international movers review, make sure you include the following things:

Time, Date, Starting and Final Destinations: This will help people understand where and when the moving company operates.

First Impression: This is an important factor when judging character. Let everyone know how you felt. Where they courteous? Did they help you with what you needed? How did you feel when you first spoke to a representative?

Before the Move: If you had a question prior to moving day, did they answer your question or just ignore you?

Moving Day: Did the movers arrive on time? Were they courteous? Did they work hard? These are extremely important factors to mention because most moving problems happen on moving day.

Delivery: Did you receive your stuff on time or was it a day late? Have they still not delivered anything?

Post Move and Problem Solving: When you tried contacting the company to discuss some problems you had with the move, did they resolve your issues or did they just ignore you?

This information is extremely useful to anyone doing research on moving companies.

Don’t be the one to not review the moving company you use because you don’t want to be the one lacking information when you need to make a purchase or use a service.

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International Moving Company Reviews

astro movers

Choosing a moving company is one of the biggest decisions to make during a move, and while it’s important to ask questions some details can only be learned from experience. Are you unable to get a personal recommendation from friends or family? Thankfully technology allows us to share our experiences with others via online comments and reviews, so you don’t have to actually know someone to get an idea of what they thought of any particular moving company. Everyone should be encouraged to read and write about moving company reviews, and here are our tips for writing (and finding) an objective and helpful assessment. Continue reading

What to include in a Moving Company Review:

No need to get too specific but letting others know generally when and where you moved will help identify similarities between your move and theirs (long distance or across town, summer or winter, etc).

  • Customer service and impressions of the staff were they courteous and helpful?
  • Did they follow through on special requests, answer questions thoroughly, and pay attention to detail? If you had any negative concerns, how were they addressed?
  • Punctuality Were they on time for all appointments including the estimate, moving day, and delivery?
  • How did they handle delays beyond their control, like traffic or inclement weather?
  • Anything unexpected where there any surprise charges, unusual operating procedures, or other unexpected elements you encountered along the way?
  • Assessment of the completed job and summarized into one or two sentences.
  • Did they get the job done in a satisfactory manner?
  • Would you use them again or recommend them to a friend?
  • Did you think the cost was fair?

By simply adding your review you are helping millions of people just like you to choose the better company. Write a review and review your company fast and easy in less than 5 minutes. Review a moving company by writing the movers name above. No matter if it is a bad or a good experience, publish your comments, testimonials, complaints and consumer reports.

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Moving and Storage Services in Singapore

Storage Services in Singapore

If you are in the planning process of relocating or moving your family, it might seem as though finding a reliable, responsible and affordable moving and storage company is a little overwhelming.  Keep in mind that there are many fly by night moving company out there and staying aware of the best ways to find that right moving company will help save you money and stay away from the moving scams.

There are many moving companies who offers moving and storage service locally and internationally. If moving all by your-self sounds downright awful, it’s time to hire a moving service provider. Continue reading

Hiring the right international movers is crucial to making sure you have a happy move instead of a horrible one. Before you call a moving company, go online to see if you can dig up any dirt – or at least read positive reviews. Check the moving company’s complaint history, as well as their standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Once you’ve narrowed the search down to a few companies, ask for a written estimate from each. This estimate should be based on an actual inspection of the stuff you want to move.

Movers that only offer to give quotes over the phone can often underestimate the total and may try to charge you for the difference.

Take a few minutes and read the moving contract carefully before you sign. It should detail specific rates, liability and delivery dates and claims protection. If you see something that looks suspicious, trust your instinct and ask about it to your moving company.

Once you’ve signed, keep your copy of the contract until the move is complete, and you’ve fully unpacked.

Astro Movers offers professional moving and storage services in Singapore to help them save money, get organized and keep their homes in great shape.

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One Stop Professional Moving and Storage Services


Finding a professional moving and storage services is critical to any relocation. But the Internet has made it easy for get the one stop solution for professional moving and storage services. In reality, some are fly-by-night operators who may not even own a truck. To provide consumers with a symbol of quality they can trust for interstate moves.

An established professional mover can also make budgeting for a move much less complicated. One, who rents a truck, buys boxes, and packs his or her own belongings will often overlook added budgetary items Continue reading

such as moving supplies and gasoline, while a moving company can assist with an estimate outlining the costs of a move and save one the time of adding up the numbers and prevent unanticipated costs during a move. More importantly, professional moving company can help you save on an asset even more valuable than what is in your bank account- time.

Time and money are the two most important assets you have, and a move can easily limit these resources to an extreme degree. Even if hiring professional moving company does end up costing a little bit more money than taking on the moving endeavor by yourself, the amount of time you save by doing it more than makes up for it. Time and money aside, some would say the amount of stress hiring movers to assist you doing your holiday move saves you is priceless!

One of the best ways to find one stop solution for professional moving and storage services is to obtain recommendation either by your friends, co-workers and family. A professional moving company will ensure that your needs are met and your questions are answered before and after your move.

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International Shipping Company in Singapore

astro movers

International shipping companies contribute a lot in the relocation process which is a very hectic procedure. The international shipping companies help to ship cars, furniture, musical instruments, electronic instruments, cargo and many other valuable house hold products across countries.

They cater to the needs of the customers for shipping their valuable goods at affordable prices and guarantee safe transition of these products. It is always better to choose a reputed company for your relocation requirements as certain companies charge enormously and even take hidden charges for shipping. Continue reading

To deal with your shipping demands, finding the right International Shipping Company in Singapore that will ensure that your items will arrive without hassle is extremely important. Picking the right Shipping Company is often a challenging undertaking since there are a lot of shipping companies in Singapore. A great number of elements have to be looked at prior to you making your selection. In the long run, however, your choice will probably be entirely based on the consistency of the transport firm.

And lastly, proper insurance is an additional needed factor to give some thought to in selecting a logistics enterprise. You ought to know by now precisely how critical it is to obtain insurance protection. After all, you can’t ever really guarantee that nothing will go bad. You simply cannot entirely remove the possibility of your shipment being robbed. By expecting these scenarios, you can be geared up and prepared to take on any issue that may proceed your way. Keep your faithful consumers efficiently by selecting a logistics firm with remarkable services. That may be the most crucial factor in deciding on the best of the many shipping companies in Singapore.

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Moving to Canada from Singapore

astro movers

Moving to a foreign country is a huge undertaking and could be a challenge. Moving to Canada though should not be that difficult because there are clear immigration rules applied and many international moving companies can help you to find the right information. Immigrating to a new country could be one of the most exciting and rewarding events in your life so don’t let the details you don’t know stop you. Make moving to Canada easy with this checklist and enjoy the places you have decided to visit. Continue reading

Immigrating To Canada

Relocating internationally requires great organization and planning. After you have figured out where you want to move, you should check the country immigration requirements first.

To live in Canada you have to become a permanent resident, you can’t just become citizen. Once resident, in about two years you can become Canadian citizen. You will find six different permanent resident categories and you can apply for the one that best fits your skills.

Moving to Canada you have to contact international moving companies and talk to them in details about your international move. You have to be able to understand you key responsibilities in terms of documentations requirements for relocating and the customs. Once you get the main info, you should consider your budget in order to estimate your Canada moving cost.

Make sure you research your movers and read moving reviews. Then, when you settle with international moving company you have to decide whether the movers will pack everything or you want to pack things yourself. When moving internationally, you have to have clear labels what was packed by you and what by the moving company and the content must be listed.

Before all that though, you have to provide the moving agent with copy of your Canadian work visa and confirmation of residence status, valid passport and birth certificate and two copies of the inventory list. If you are shipping a motor vehicle you must present a copy of the title for the Canadian Customs and the original to the shipper. Thus, you see that there are many specifications and requirements when moving and you should discuss all details with your international movers.

To ensure yourself a stress free relocation to Canada, you should talk to a professional moving agent that will help you plan and organize your moving to Canada. Making up your mind to move could not be the easiest decision.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about Moving to Canada. We can help you with your international moving tips and advice and point you in the right direction.

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