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Astro Movers Reviews – As customers, your feedback is extremely valuable to international movers, and to the moving companies that work hard to international moving service on your moves.

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Delivery: Did you receive your stuff on time or was it a day late? Have they still not delivered anything?

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Here are a few good reviews by some of our happy customers:-

Astro Movers Review by Jack: My name is Jack. I m from China but previously I was living in Singapore because I was doing a job in Singapore. In 2019, I decided to quit the job and start my own business in China. But the main problem was how to relocate to China, as I had personal belongings, furniture, personal effects, 40 boxes, etc. I heard about Astro movers. First, I was troubled about the safety of my belongings but by taking service from Astro movers, all my doubts and troubles went away. They provided me with the best and safe service. Now, I highly recommend Astro movers. Anyone can take their service without any doubt. They are the best movers in Singapore.

Astro Movers Review by Thomas: Great service they have provided me. I recommend their service. They are the best. I have to relocate to India in Bangalore. But was quite difficult for me to move with all my personal belongings. Then I hired Astro movers and believe me they did their job perfectly. They sent all my personal belongings and furniture safely to India. If you are looking for good movers and packers then Astro movers is a good choice for you.

Astro Movers Review by Lee: They offered me quick, safe, and affordable packers & movers service. In the starting, I was a little bit doubtful but they removed all my doubts by their great and timely service. I had to move to Canada in BC. They safely took my heavy boxes, personal belongings & furniture and charged a reasonable price.  So, I did not have to take much burden on my pocket.

Review by Sam: Efficient and Friendly Movers :I have just got my internet connection in my new home so I can write a review for Astro Movers. I wouldn’t have been able to move my furniture and kids’ toys from Singapore to Toronto without Astro Movers. Not only did they have a transparent pricing policy (no hidden costs) but they also communicated with me until my belongings were delivered. The staff is friendly, polite, and extremely professional. I was so impressed with the way they handled my move not just in Singapore but also in Canada. Everything was perfectly executed. Kudos to the Astro Movers team.

Astro Movers Review by Frank: Happy and Satisfied Customer: I had a very good experience with Astro Movers. Even though I was moving internationally, I procrastinated with the packing. I was so grateful that Astro Movers offers packing services. The packers helped me pack my things efficiently and I was able to get rid of many useless items I had collected over the years. The packing was done properly and fragile items were safely wrapped in bubble wrap. When I received my belongings four weeks later, Astro Movers helped in unwrapping the items and putting them in their correct place. That made me very happy and satisfied. I recommend Astro Movers to anyone relocating overseas. They are efficient, friendly, and extremely professional.

Review by Tina: Price Worth the Service Provided: International moves can be pretty expensive and that is why I had a lot of trepidation when using Astro Movers. I am glad I went with my instincts. Not only was the move affordable but it was handled beautifully. Between packing and shipping my belongings, Astro Movers stayed in constant touch. The pricing was transparent and the staff extremely helpful. Considering the number of things I wanted to move, Astro Movers was one of the most affordable movers in town. I am happy I used their packing and moving services as it worked out cheaper than I anticipated. I would definitely recommend people to use Astro Movers if they are moving overseas.

Astro Movers Review by Graham: Made International Move Less Stressful – When my company transferred me to Dubai for a 2-year assignment, I was stressed as I know international moving can be quite tricky and complicated. I wanted a moving company that could make the move without a problem. I chose Astro Movers due to the positive reviews and I am glad I did. While the company was paying for the relocation, Astro Movers did not go overboard with the cost. The packing staff came and packed the items I wanted to take quickly and efficiently while the moving staff loaded the trucks without delay. The entire packing and moving hardly too any time. I signed the necessary documents and a few weeks later, I received the items. I highly recommend Astro Movers if you are relocating. They make international moves hassle-free.

Review by Su:Efficient and Friendly International Movers When I decided to quit my job in Singapore and relocate to Manchester, UK, my worry was finding the right movers. A friend suggested Astro Movers and I am glad I took up his recommendation. The company provided me all the packing materials for an affordable cost and the moving staff came at a time fixed by me. They loaded the truck quickly and I was informed of the ETA. Throughout the move, Astro Movers kept in touch with me and even after my belongings were delivered to my doorstep, the company called to find out if everything was satisfactory. They handled the customs clearance with ease and not a single item was missing or damaged. I want to thank you for your efficient and friendly service. I truly appreciate it.

Review by Frank: Great service. Honest people they have. Highly recommended.

Review by James: Good service. I recommend them to everyone.