Moving Companies in Singapore

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Hiring a moving company in Singapore can be very challenging. How do you know they won’t break your stuff, charge too much, or simply load your stuff into a truck and disappear? Well in order to hire the right moving company you need to do a bit of research.

Find a moving company that is licensed to do their job. Don’t use a cheap company if it seems disreputable.

Try to avoid moving on a Friday – if you do have delays with the financial transaction, you may have to wait until Monday to sort the problem out. This would mean having to pay for storage and another day of removal costs – and your removal team may not be available the following week.

    It’s a good idea to meet with your removal company representative in person. It can help you

Remember, there are many other things for you to arrange, apart from the actual move, including:

  • Redirect your mail to your new home.
  • Make plan for your travel and overnight accommodations.
  • Hiring professionals to disconnect fittings such as lights or cookers, or garden sheds and etc.
  • Getting final meter readings for electricity, gas, and telephone services and paying off your bills.

Be sure to pick a company in your area or a company that specializes in your type of move. The further they are from you the more they may charge to get to you. So read reviews about the moving companies in your area. You can check both general review websites and moving-specific ones.