Shipping Services to Australia from Singapore

 ladgsp-grand-tour-of-australia-singapore-pre-tour-stopover-2-566x376-300x199 Shipping Services to Australia from Singapore Movers and Packers

Life in Australia is easy, but shipping to Australia can be problematic. Whether you have landed a dream job in Australia or are just determined to pick up and move, before you start shipping to Australia you need to prepare. Even if you have months left till you start shipping to Australia it’s best to start planning now.
Don’t forget you may need to wait up to another two weeks just to pass customs. So the total amount of time the shipping to Australia may take is between 7 to 9 weeks. Better plan it well. The amount of time it will take for shipping your belongings to Australia depends on a number of things, some of which may be out of your or anyone else’s control. For example:

• Are you shipping to Australia by air or by sea?
• Are you shipping an entire container or sharing (consolidating)?
• From which city of origin are you shipping to Australia?
• Is the date of your shipment during or near national holidays?
• Are the port workers on strike?
• The weather forecast.
• Other rare and unpredictable events.

Astro Movers have been shipping to Australia for over twenty years. The most popular service is our air freight service to the various international airports including Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. However, we also offer a sea freight service if time is not a crucial factor for you.

If you are shipping to Australia, Astro Movers is the best choice for you.