Volume (m3) Calculation

Most people, request our shared container services which provide a cost effective method of shipping smaller loads services.

On this service, shipping cost are calculated on the amount of volume (Cubic meters) that your packed goods will take up in our 20ft shipping containers. To calculate your cubic metre volume you multiply the length x width x height in metres.

 Volume_Box Volume (m3) CalculationAverage box size:
50cm x 50cm x 50cm
or 20″ x 20″ x 20″
8 of me = 1.00 cubic metre
 Volume_Bed Volume (m3) CalculationAverage king size mattress:
180cm x 160cm x 30cm
= 0.90 Cubic Metre
 Volume_Fridge Volume (m3) CalculationAverage:
65cm x 65cm x 170cm
= 0.72 Cubic Metre
 Volume_Seat Volume (m3) CalculationArmchair :
1m x 75cm x 75cm
= 0.50 Cubic Metre
 Volume_Sofa Volume (m3) Calculation3 piece suite :
= 2.00 Cubic Metre
 Volume_Washing Volume (m3) CalculationAverage :
65cm x 65cm x 121cm
= 0.50 Cubic Metre
 Volume_Desk Volume (m3) CalculationExecutive office desk = 1.00 cbm
Monitor / Printer / Keyboard = 0.50 cbm
Office Chair = 0.30 cbm
 Volume_Oven Volume (m3) Calculation1 microwave = 0.10 cbm
1 microwave = 0.10 cbm 10 Microwave ovens = 1 Cubic Metre
 Volume_Tv Volume (m3) Calculation24″ Television 4 of me = 1.00 cbm Volume_Dining Volume (m3) CalculationTable and 6 Chairs (Stackable) = 2.00 cbm